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A Soul-Full Supper - March 8th, 2018 - 9


I am passionate about transformation. My life in the kitchen keeps my plate full, and I feel most alive when my culinary work is balanced by being of service to pioneering leaders. That’s why I work with a small handful of amazing humans who are looking at how they can live more impactful, integrated, and joyful lives.

Our work is based on deep listening--to each other and to a greater sense of calling or purpose. Usually my clients are in a transition. They are facing a turning point in an important relationship that isn’t working or have a sense that their business and impact could grow, if they just turned the right dials.  Through asking the right questions, we walk through a process that helps them get clear about who they are and what they stand for. The result is increased momentum, intimate relationship transformation, and a newfound inspiration to make the impact they feel called to make in the world.

If you are ready to have your life reflect the thriving power and wholeness that you know is possible. I’d love to have a conversation:”

(It’s complimentary and there’s no pressure to sign up)
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I bring out the best in leaders and their teams.

I do this through a unique process called Honor Coaching, which helps you acknowledge and heal the parts of yourself that are holding you back so you can be more powerful, joyful, and effective as a leader.

It’s based on the following principles:

1. Welcoming Challenge – Greatness is only possible in the face of challenges.

2. Honor is the secret ingredient of great leadership. And it’s a communication skill that can be taught.

3. Essential Inner Work is Essential – When leaders do their personal growth and healing work, it creates an atmosphere where everyone can be happy and thrive.

4. Great Leaders Listen First: They’re connected to their communities, invite feedback, and listen to their hearts and intuitions as valid sources of guidance.

5.Celebration is necessary. Leaders and their teams burn out when they don’t appreciate their collective accomplishments.


I offer customized leadership coaching packages which I will share with you at the end of your complimentary High Impact Leadership Breakthrough Session.

Clients typically begin with a full-day Honor Immersion, which will help you get clear on what you stand for and what your next level of leadership will look like. Then, over the following months, I’ll work with you to implement that vision and show up powerfully in the face of challenges that will inevitably arise.

I work locally with clients in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as remotely with clients around the world.

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What Clients Have to Say –

Jesse was the first professional and business coach I ever hired. Before Jesse, I was hobbling along, resisting getting help because I didn’t know how I could trust another person to stand up for the values of my business.

I was all over the place, lacked focused, and drowning in tasks that weren’t enjoyable for me to do. My identity was the business. I was also concerned about my growing family and wondering “How could I marry the need for me to be home a lot and the demands of my business?” I was unclear if I could continue the business.

Jesse helped me separate myself from the business enough to see what was missing, and how I was gumming up my own works.

He is inspiring and really clear in his communication, as well as vulnerable in sharing his own experiences and challenges, which helped me trust him even more.

Now I have an enthusiastic full-time assistant and a full-time chef who coordinates and produces our events. People are handling the the work I don’t like and simply couldn’t do, so I am happier and healthier.

Our company is twice as busy and I’m working half as much. Productivity is up, morale is up and our revenues have doubled.

I also have a new baby and am so relieved to finally have time for my family.

Angela Ginsburg, Fairfax,CA Chef/Owner,
A Forkfull of Earth Organic Catering
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