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Sacred Kitchen Expeditions

Culinary adventures in the world's most delicious locations!

Join us for immersive, chef-led experiences celebrating local culture, food, and community from around the world.

Home Grown Vegetables

Join Chef Jesse and our mycelium network of Chef Hosts as we dive into the local culture by visiting producers, growers, markets, and hertiage sites.

An Unforgettable Culinary Experience

  • EPIC HUMANS - An intimate group of fascinating, impactful, and postive humans

  • IMMERSIVE - A hands-on cooking experience preparing a beautiful shared meal

  • VISIONARY TOURS - Inspiring producers on the cutting edge share their secrets and favorite local hangouts

  • CULTURAL EDUCATION - Community hosts share their passion, culture, and the power of place 

  • SERVICE - Each event includes and opportunity to give back to the community  

People with Masks

Our Inspiration

Our world is facing huge challenges. The pandemic has highlighted how interconnected our world is and how deeply injustice is interwoven into the fabric of our society. These delightful, connected gatherings are a small, delicious, and vital way we can share resources and education and have a felt experience of our shared humanity.

Organic Farmers Market

When's the First Trip?

Where are we going?

Our adventures will start with a series of expeditions based in the San Francisco Bay area in the Fall of 2021. We’d love to have you join us for our initial excursions while we perfect our format


We have deliciousness brewing in Crete, New York City, and San Andres Colombia to name a few.

Are You Looking For... 


Hungry for Adventure and love great food?


Ready for travel but want to do something off the beaten path and distinctive?


Would love to get to know a small group of epic humans?


Excited to learn about the history of your destination and feel connected to the locals?

Sign up here and you'll be first to know when experiences launch!

Oysters on Ice
Wine Toasting
Greece City
Wine Farm
Family Reunion
Organic Vegetable Farm
Pizza Margherita
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