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We keep it simple so your team can show up and enjoy the experience of cooking together. 

Everyone receives our signature Mystery Box filled with everything needed for a spectacular meal (and some fun to boot) then we meet virtually to make a delicious dish together under the guidance of a professional chef. 

We also send out instructional set up videos, fancy pants pdf’s with recipes and follow up recordings of each class. 

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One part silly, one part soulful, one part social impact and 100%  dialed in, our culinary experiences will leave you with a smile on your face, warmth in your belly, and a feeling of connection amongst your team. 

We’ve worked with dozens of the Fortune 500 companies, producing events from 5-500. Click here to learn about our social impact efforts. 

Here is Sacred Kitchen’s recipe for making magic:



Anticipation is (almost) half the fun, so we send all of our kits out in our signature Mystery Box so we can have a collective unboxing experience. Trust us, a few collective “oohs and ahhs” can build a whole lot of togetherness!


Once everyone has landed--we’ll walk through making a mocktail together, and then get cooking. 


As if that weren’t enough, while our food is cooking, we’ll fold in some customized Global Soul Food Trivia--cause hey, everybody loves Trivia, right?

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The ugly sweater (and those SWEET chefs hats) aren’t just remarkably fashionable--they are the gateway to connection. 


Before we can totally relax with our colleagues outside of our day to day professional relating, we need to step into a different space--which can be challenging considering we are likely in the same place where most of our work has been for the past 2 years. 


Putting on a ridiculous outfit gives us permission to be imperfect, to have fun, and to connect in a novel way. All super important ingredients to making a new dish in the kitchen--and feeling refreshed and connected.

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Flatbread Mystery box photo.jpeg

Focaccia Flatbread
Mini-Charcuterie Board 
Homemade Marinara & Toppings
Sparkling Lime & Cranberry Mocktail

Guests make a focaccia flatbread dough from scratch and a homemade marinara sauce. Guests use items from the kit and bake it on a personal sized sheet pan that is included in the kit.  They can also get creative with their own toppings

Items included in the Flatbread box

● Focaccia Flour Mix 
● Yeast 
● Sugar 
● Salt 
● Olive Oil 
● Olives 
● Parmesan Cheese 
● Rosemary 
● Bay Leaves 
● Canned Diced Tomatoes 
● Homemade Italian Spice Mix 
● Medium Onion 
● Head of Garlic 
● Cranberry Juice 
● Sparkling Water 
● Lime 
● ¼ Sheet Tray 
● Chef Hat 
● Infographic


Gingerbread Decorating Kit
Pumpkin Bread
Spiced Apple Cider

We start this class off by filling everyone's kitchen with the smell of Homemade Spice Apple Cider. Then we mix up the Pumpkin Quick Bread and while the bread is baking we decorate the Giant Gingerbread Cookie while playing Holiday Trivia!

Items included in the Holiday Gingerbread box

● Large Gingerbread Man 
● Decorating Kit with Icing & Assorted Candies 
● Pumpkin Bread Flour Mix 
● Apple Juice 
● Homemade Mulling Spice Mix 
● Vegetable Oil 
● Mini Loaf Pan 
● Chef Hat 
● Infographic

Pineapple Upside Down Cake.png

Pineapple Cake Mix
Garnishing Kit 
Sparkling Cran-ginger Mocktail

Guests make this Carribean classic after whipping up an island style mocktail. Guests use items from the kit and bake it in individual cupcake tins.  They can also get creative with their own toppings.

Items included in the Flatbread box

● Upside Down Cake Mix
● Pineapple 
● Maraschino Cherries 
● Coconut Sugar 
● Mocktail Kit 
● Gingerbeer 
● Candied Cranberries 
● Citrus 
● Cranberry Juice 
● Cupcake tin 
● Chef Hat 
● Infographic 
● TCHO chocolate tasting


Several days before the event, guests receive a package and a customized email with a video explaining the event. Inside the box is a Chef’s Hat, a specialty piece of cooking equipment (menu dependant), a beverage mixer kit, and a Mystery Box with specialty Ingredients.


At the appointed hour guests arrive and after a brief explanation of the event, our talented Chef and MC guides everyone through an introduction and icebreaker. 

We make a great dish together, answering your questions all along the way. Once we've got your goodies in the oven--we play a round of customized Global Soul Food Trivia. Once the winner is announced--a beautiful dish is ready--we take screen shots of happy humans and Viola! 



Food is humanity’s  Universal Language--it connects us all across borders, boundaries and ideologies. Sacred Kitchen’s mission is to bring joy, sustenance, and delight to people from all walks of life.


This Holiday Season we will donate a % of our sales per guest, in your team’s name, to our non-profit partners at Alight or World Central Kitchen both of whom are feeding people around the world. 


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Frequently asked questions

How much do your events cost?

We have packages that range from $50-250 /person. We have an event minimum of $2000 but typically have flexibility for smaller groups. Fill out our consultation form above and let us know what you need.

How do you keep your food fresh during delivery?

We ship only shelf stable ingredients.

What about fresh ingredients? Are your kits all-inclusive?

Our delivered kits are a full meal. As we don’t send refrigerated ingredients we put a lot of cheffy brainpower into designing delivered kits that are an inclusive experience--nothing else needed. Some of our kits require participants to bring an egg.

I’ve got an event coming up really soon, can you help?

Yes! Our schedule is, of course, subject to availability but we have inventory on hand and love quick turnaround events. Let us know what you need.

Do you accommodate special dietary requests?

We offer a vegan option for every event and menu we have. We also have gluten free options for nearly all menus. Keto and other specific diets can be accommodated with sufficient notice for a small fee.

How will attendees get all the information to be set up for class?

We send out a beautiful PDF with all the details including a kitchen set up video, the event link, and date and time. We'll also send out a simple reminder emails with all the info so your people can concisely gather what is needed. Fill out our consult form and we can send you our sample PDF

Do you accept Amex?


What if a participant’s Mystery Box doesn’t arrive? How do you all do tracking?

The unfortunate reality is that even with all the right timing and perfect addresses, sometimes boxes don’t make it to their destination on time. Every client receives a personal email from our shipper with a tracking number. When we notice what looks like a potential problem (usually 48 hours pre-event), we send an email to the participant with a shopping list, virtual cart link, and the recipes so they can shop and still participate fully

What about our international teammates? How can they participate?

We have had success shipping to the UK and Canada and us UPS for our international shipping As customs regulations vary greatly from country to country, and our boxes contain organic matter, our standard practice is to also send printed shopping lists, and recipes to overseas participants but with enough notice we can typically send to international teams.

Can we do a class I don't see above? Can we have something custom?

We are focused on the three kits above for our 2021 Holiday offerings. That said we have kits for Filipino Bibingka and Cheese and Charcuterie and have produced dozens of cooking classes. Don't hesitate to reach out with a request! With enough time and notice we LOVE to customize an experience for your large group. All of our experiences incorporate our flair for facilitation and passion for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work to create the perfect recipe for the moment.