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How Do Virtual Team Building Events Work?

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Sacred Kitchen

Brings accessible and delicious recipes from all over the world to your kitchen.

Our passion is flavor and we can’t wait to share a meal with you!

We believe, cooking together is a celebration and making great food is a delight. Things have changed, but we can still have both--even in a virtual world.

Here is how our Virtual Culinary Events work in a nutshell:

1. Log-in, Suit up, Say Hello-

  • Guests are encouraged to slip into chef gear, costumes or funny hats and meet the lively professional chefs with whom they’ll work side by side.

2. Collective Unboxing--

  • We send a mystery box of ingredients (and shopping list). Opening a mystery box package with your friends is delightful--even if it’s virtual.

3. Cook Together

  • Our talented chefs offer demos, answer questions, and cook along with your guests to finish the event’s pre-selected menu or challenge.

  • Once the cooking is finished, everyone is invited to share and enjoy their culinary creations while relaxing in the comfort of their own home.

Our two basic offerings

  1. Virtual cooking classes- (nice and collaborative) and

  2. Virtual Iron Chef Style Events- (Hey, there is nothing quite like competition to get the energy moving. right?)

Here's how it works:

  1. Event Consultation- We chat and produce a customized event plan

  2. 1 week pre-event- your team receives a welcome email giving them all the necessary

  3. 1-2 Days pre-Event--Mystery Box Arrives-With some fun hats and a mysterious box that’s not to be opened.

  4. 1 Day before the event--

    1. Buy a few fresh ingredients (if needed)-Using our shopping lists or one click shopping Whole Foods Market extension

    2. Receive a reminder email from Sacred Kitchen with all the last minute details.

  5. Day of the event--Prepare the kitchen- Guests get their kitchen dialed.

  6. Pre-game--Make a cocktail/mocktail- Our kits provided everything you need to make a beverage. Have it ready to go for show and tell.

  7. Event time--Let's go! Get ready for the most hilarious, engaging and delicious virtual experience of 2020.

About our Mystery Boxes

Bring the thrill of cooking TV shows to your event by adding a Mystery Box of ingredients for each guest to incorporate into their dish. Select specialty ingredients that relate to your company’s product or values, or let us choose some fun and unusual ingredients.

We bring an attention to detail, making sure every ingredient has been thought about and the smallest finishing touches to create a memorable and delightful shared experience.

Moments of collective unboxing create a real connection point during these isolated times so we design everything to be super duper cute!

More about the Offerings:

Virtual Cooking Classes

Sacred Kitchen’s Virtual Cooking Classes are a great way to learn a new dish or cuisine! Your guests work alongside our talented chef instructors and learn by cooking recipes side-by-side in real time with our staff, learning tricks, tips, techniques and culinary best practices. At the end each member of your group enjoys a delicious meal of their own creation.

What to expect from a Cooking Class

  • 1.5 hour event

  • Guests cook using recipes

  • Professional chef instruction

  • Group dining experience after the cooking is completed

  • Non-competitive

  • Guests supply ingredients from their pantry

  • Ingredient & equipment lists plus Amazon/Whole Foods sample shopping cart provided

Sample Menus:

  • Mediterranean Cruise: Roasted Mediterranean Chicken & Couscous, Hummus and Tabbouleh Salad

  • Sheet Pan Dinners: Seared Salmon & Sauce Verte, Asparagus and Smashed Potatoes

  • Quick Pickling & Charcuterie: Learn the art of pickling/fermenting to accompany your custom charcuterie board

  • Thai Style: Thai Curry, Coconut Rice, Asian Slaw.

Virtual Iron Chef Competitions

Recreate the excitement of an Iron Chef or Chopped-style competition for your group! Your team will assemble virtually and be separated into groups. Guests will work with that group’s own Chef Instructor to create a dish using a protein plus two other elements, potentially including Mystery Ingredients that each participant must feature in their dish! Each team selects a winning dish, and team finalists will then face off against each other - with the final winner awarded as the evening’s grand champion! Everyone is then invited to dine together virtually for as long as they like after the competition has ended.

What to expect from a Virtual Iron Chef Competition

  • 1.5 hour event

  • Fun, competitive environment

  • Guests create their own dishes on the fly, sans recipes

  • Professional chef instruction and guidance

  • Guests cook with ingredients they have on hand

  • Ingredient List & equipment guidelines sent prior

  • Shared dining experience

  • Shipped Mystery Ingredients optional

Answers to FAQ:

Virtual Platform

While our programs are designed to take place via the ZOOM platform, we are happy to adapt and host your event on the virtual meeting platform with which your group is most comfortable.

Optional Add-Ons:

Chef Toques

Sacred Kitchen recommends this inexpensive solution to increase the connectivity of your group. With a list of participants and addresses, Sacred Kitchen will send guests a disposable chef’s toque via US mail.

Custom Embroidered Aprons Sacred Kitchen recommends this turn-key solution to enhance your experience and guarantee your group remembers the experience. Given a 3-week lead time, we can provide custom embroidered aprons in a variety of colors.

Other Branded Merchandise

Sacred Kitchen will happily help you coordinate custom branded take-aways that fit with the theme of your group’s class. Given 2-3 weeks lead time, we can coordinate and ship custom designed items to all participants.

Examples Include:

  • Branded spatulas, whisks or spoons

  • Knives or other culinary tools

  • Cutting boards or culinary mats

  • Wine glasses or beverage sets

  • Custom embroidered kitchen or tea towels

Reach out to us to learn more about creating just the right event for your team.

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