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Morgan and Peter’s Un-Coupling Ceremony

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Morgan and Peter’s Un-Coupling Ceremony: The ending of a relationship is not a failure. It’s a celebration!

Peter and Morgan hired Sacred Kitchen to cater a weekend long retreat for their wedding.  During the planning process they realized they were not compatible as partners. They wanted to uncouple in a conscious and loving way and said “yes” to the idea of creating a Sacred Kitchen “unwedding.” They worked with Jesse as a coach for several months to get clear on how they wanted to honor each other. Then they planned a spectacular party--inviting their friends into a day in the life of their partnership – each course representing a different part of their relationship. It was a beautiful, moving, and delicious celebration of what’s possible.. 6 months later, Peter and Morgan are in a great place… They talk about their Sacred Kitchen experience here:

Read Peter’s Description here:

On Tuesday evening, October 24th, Morgan and I had our un-coupling ceremony.

We've been together for nearly 4 years and were engaged to get married this New Years. But after months of grappling with very different visions for our life together, we realized that despite our huge love for each other, being together as life partners wasn't right. With broken hearts, we decided to let each other go.

We asked our friend Jesse Bloom, creator of Sacred Kitchen (, to guide our un-coupling process. In the weeks prior to this event, he led us on a journey of honoring who we are for each other and designing a series of experiences and dishes for a special event for our closest community. We called it The 7 Courses of Relationship Alchemy 🙂

On the day of our event, we purchased three live chickens and slaughtered them ourselves. It was important for us to be nourished by food we were connected to, and respectfully taking their lives was symbolic for how we're choosing the death of our life partnership to feed the next thing…

With chickens plucked and prepped, we spent all day shopping and cooking.

When our guests arrived at our home, we gave them each a special "Morgan & Peter sandwich hug." We circled up and welcomed everyone into the space, including friends who weren't physically present but who were with us in spirit.

Then The 7 Courses of Relationship Alchemy began!

We invited everyone to climb onto bed with us and we shared our morning ritual. Jesse and his sous chef Julieta served us french toast bites in bed.

We then moved into a collaborative cooking experience, breaking into small teams to make smashed potatoes, flatbreads, persimmon salad, and sauteed delicata squash and kale.

We served up the food, including our chickens prepared two ways – roasted and in a paprikash. We receiving deep and heartfelt blessings on our lives and appreciation for how we've stretched love to its human limits.

We also spoke to what we're ready to let go of, and I switched Morgan's engagement ring from one hand to the other, speaking to our lifelong commitment to being friends and allies.

Our wedding theme was Rare Animals in Love, so we did a mini version of our wedding. (An un-wedding!) We played our wedding playlist and had a cake that we cut together. I couldn't help myself from smearing some whipped cream on Morgan's face… and she retaliated in full force!

We danced to our wedding song. We exchanged gifts. We blew kazoos. We put on leopard and giraffe onesies. We sang one last song together and said goodbye.

Over the night we shed many tears. We laughed a lot. We received lots of hugs and medicine gifts. We brewed a healing love potion with various herbs and gave a vial of it to each of our guests to take home.

As I look back on my life, this will be among my most precious memories.

Thank you Morgan for being my boodie. I love you.

Thank you Jesse for creating this experience with us. Wow.

Thank you for reading this and sharing in our love ❤

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