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The Virtual Ugly Sweater Holiday Trivia Party (Yes, there is some Cookie Decorating)

Here is how this bit of online holiday party shenanigans works:

  • First we start of with Gingerbread Figure Cookie Decorating

  • Then we fill your house with the sounds and smells of the holidays . Finally we add a splash of holiday cheer (adult beverages optional!)

  • And Voilá you have a memorable virtual holiday party for your team or family.

Guests arrive and after a brief explanation of the event, Chef Jesse guides everyone through an introduction and icebreaker.

Then we unpack the mystery boxes...This shipped cookie decorating kits reveal a pumpkin spice quick bread mix, a mini loaf pan to bake it in and a homemade apple cider kit that is rather adult beverage friendly.

Guests are guided through setting the apple cider on the stove and baking the pumpkin bread. While guests commence to decorate their Gingerbread human our team facilitates a customized holiday themed trivia. Gingerbread decorating show and tell is the next step before the awards presentations. Awards are given for most enthusiastic holiday costuming, best decorated gingerbread man, and of course, trivia winner.

Virtual Cooking Class Run of Show

To give you a better idea of how your event would look and feel, we've put together a minute-by- minute description of your deliciously fun cooking event. (Timing is flexible and our events run from 75- 90 minutes size dependent)

2 days prior to the event: We provide a welcome email cheat sheet and primer video of how to set up your kitchen for our class

4:00pm - 4:05pm- Arrival and Orientation Guests log into a virtual waiting room and are greeted by the evening’s host and emcee. Each guest chooses a chef Alter Ego.

4:05pm - 4:15pm- Welcome and Icebreakers Chef Jesse introduces the evening’s activities and gets everybody loosened up while introducing the event’s sequence.

4:15pm - 4:35pm- Unboxing and setting the space for Holiday cheer- Together we open the mystery box and fill each house with the smells of Apple Cider and whip up a quick batch of pumpkin spice bread

4:35-4:55pm Gingerbread Person decorating contest and Holiday Trivia: With the clock ticking every kitchen must make the most fabulous Giant Gingerbread Person possible, all while being peppered with an enthusiastic round of customized holiday trivia. Every team also has to prepare a one minute show and tell--sharing the origin story of their Gingerbread Person.

4:55-5:15pm Gingerbread man decorating Show and Tell and Group Presentations

5:15-5:30pm Awards and celebration: While the creations are enjoyed, the emcee/Chairman reveals the winners of the evening’s competitions. Thunderous applause erupts as the winning team members are recognized.

5:30pm and beyond Chef Jesse and team bid farewell and leave with lasting memories of holiday hilarity Your group is welcome to “hang-out” & enjoy one other's virtual company.

Mystery Ingredients Box and Shipping

We will send our customized mystery ingredient box to each guest's home. Each box includes:

  • Giant Gingerbread man decorating kit with:

    • Decorating Candies and Icing

  • A Mystery Ingredient box that is sealed and only to be opened when instructed:

    • Apple Cider

    • Sacred Kitchen’s Special Cider Mulling Spices

    • Pumpkin Quick bread mix

    • Mini loaf pan for baking

  • Infographic sharing how to set up the kitchen for the class and additional ingredients that can be brought for more fun (adult beverages, candy, etc)

  • Disposable Chef’s Hats for each participant

Guests Need to Bring

Guests will need to have one egg, vegetable oil, and water on hand. We will communicate clearly those needs in advance via email and video.

Guest Experience Pre-Event-

In addition to the delight inducing box above--our welcome email a week prior (and a reminder email one day in advance) will include a video primer on setting up their kitchen, a PDF version of the infographic in their box and an invitation to dress the part.

We can’t wait to hear from you. Reach out to Chef Jesse at 510-393-0089 or to arrange a conversation about your event needs

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