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Sacred Kitchen & Social Impact

Celebrating the Universal Language of Food.

Photo Credit Ernesto Borges-The Tri

In this time of cultural upheaval, food - its traditions, rituals, and universal importance - has the ability to unite us and help tell the larger human story of connection and interdependence.


Food is Universal.

We all eat. Food connects us to the land we live on and the workers: farmers, truckers, grocers and cooks who bring it to our table. 


Our food rituals are woven into the tapestry of our cultural traditions and personal histories.


The food we eat evokes our own ancestors and connects us to people of other lands and traditions.  Our global food landscape tells the complicated story of human migration in all of its beauty and strife.

Food tells our collective story.

Despite the global capacity to produce enough food, nearly a billion people go hungry every day. In 2019, over 40 million Americans experienced hunger.


Globally, we have not managed to do what we would all do individually--feed the hungry. 


Our ecosystem is in trouble. We have work to do.

Food is Sacred.

When something is Sacred, we feel -- in our bones -- a connection to something beyond ourselves.  Sacred Kitchen sees food as the most intimate and accessible way for humans to connect beyond their personal circumstances, and to tap into a greater sense of purpose and impact.

It Is Time To Come Together

In response to the increasing polarization of our culture and calls for building a more just and equitable world, Sacred Kitchen creates experiences that bring people together. Experiences that remind us of our shared humanity, our connection to one another, our past, and the larger world.


Here are some samples of the work Sacred Kitchen has done to make a difference:

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