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Sacred Kitchen is a unique and inspiring take on an organizational team-building event that is one part cooking show, one part cooking class, and one part leadership workshop.


Imagine Gordon Ramsay and Tony Robbins concocting a tasty experience and you get a flavor for Sacred Kitchen.

A Sacred Kitchen Event will leave you with a smile on your face, warmth in your belly, and a fresh take on your daily work.           

Use A Soul-Full Supper - March 8th, 2018

2022 Virtual
Team Building Events

Each of these seasonal virtual team-building events is designed to be educational, interactive, while also still being a turn-key style event for corporate groups.

Shipped dry-ingredient boxes are available for each.

Click on the event menu to learn more!

Mystery Flatbread
Iron Chef Throwdown
Irish Soda Bread Header Image_edited.jpg

Celebrate St. Patty's Day with our

Irish Soda Bread and Trivia Kit

Join us virtually for this celebration of Irish History and Cuisine. Our kit includes:

  • a Chef's Hat,

  • Chocolate Tasting,

  • Artisan Crafted Irish Tea and Tea Infuser, and a

  • Mystery Box with specialty ingredients for this simple bread and marmalade.

Guests learn how to make this classic quick bread and marmalade. We'll dive into the nooks of Irish culinary traditions through interactive trivia.


Learn more here

Class Highlights

  • Interactive Trivia

  • Marmalade Lesson 

  • Quick bread recipe

  • Class Length: 90 min+ 

Flatbread Cover Image_edited_edited.jpg

Playful & Educational

Mystery Box Flatbread Trivia 

Our best selling class includes polished kitchen prep and post event recipe gifts. The box includes:

  • a Chef’s Hat,

  • a quarter  sheet pan,

  • beverage mixer kit, and a

  • Mystery Box with specialty ingredients to make a delicious flatbread from scratch.

Guest learn how to make a yeast dough, a classic red sauce, a quick cocktail, and once everything is in the oven a round of Global Flatbread Trivia! 

Click to learn more.

Class Highlights

  • Basic Yeast Dough Lesson

  • Mocktail / Cocktail Demo

  • Global Food Trivia

  • Class Length: 90-105 Minutes

Thai Style_edited.jpg

A Taste of Thailand

Pad Thai Kit

We'll unpack the mystery boxes...revealing the key ingredients for Thailand's National Dish–Pad Thai.

  • a Chef’s Hat,

  • a Thai Tea Mug and Boba Straw,

  • Black Rice Pudding kit and recipe,

  • Mystery Box with specialty ingredients to make Pad Thai.

Our chefs guide guests through making Blue Butterfly Thai Tea and then we dive into the fundamentals of making great pad thai while hearing about the history of the dish.

Learn more by reaching out to us here.

Class Highlights

  • Specialty Ingredients

  • Teaches Cultural Context & Appreciation

  • Multiple Recipes

  • Class Length: Approximately 90 minutes

Cooking Classes

Sacred Kitchen’s Team Building Secret Sauce:

Why is creating connection so important for teams and leaders:

high profile recent study at Google shows that the single most ingredient on high performing teams is their sense of psychological safety. This type of safety is defined as a widely-held belief that the team is a safe for interpersonal risk taking.

These teams perform higher on every level from revenue generation to retention, from self-reported happiness to supervisor-rated effectiveness.

How Sacred Kitchen creates safety and connection:

Sacred Kitchen provides participants with an ideal format to take risks in a safe and welcoming environment. Taking risks requires stepping outside of our comfort zones and producing a meal in a limited time frame provides just the right amount of compression for an impactful and fun experience. 

Humans are also neurologically wired to let their guard down when they eat together. When we combine our natural instinct to with a safe space to take risks, and the pure enjoyment of great food – remarkable things happen.

The kitchen: a perfect learning laboratory for leadership.
Your CEO may not be as comfortable in the kitchen as her administrative assistant. People have the opportunity to let themselves shine---or to let others take the lead in a new way. When we add the wrinkle of time constraints and a deadline (sound familiar?), people’s natural personality types and leadership tendencies in a group emerge. 

Your cooking experience becomes a prompt for conversation about how do we show up at work and in our teams. We share the key ingredients for powerful leadership through excellent communication and people leave with a deeper level of understanding of themselves and others--all while having fun and a great meal.

Call us and see how we can bring our unique brand of deliciousness to you.

Check out these Team Building Kits we've delivered in the past!

Mystery Flatbread Challenge

Focaccia Flatbread, Housemade Red Sauce & a Beverage Kit


Soul Food Remix

Blue Corn & Cassava Flatbread, Hoppin' John and Pickled Green Mango


Pancake Throwdown Class

Housemade Pancake Mix, Vanilla Sugar & Tea for Two


Puerto Rican Celebration

Sofrito, Gandules Verdes and a Chi Chi Mocktail / Cocktail

Scallion Pancakes.png

Lunar New Year Class

Scallion Pancakes, Homemade Chile Crisp & Fun See

Holiday box.png

Holiday Gingerbread Kit

Gingerbread Decorating Kit, Pumpkin Bread and Spiced Apple Cider

Looking for something custom?

Marble Surface

Virtual Team Building Explained

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