Community Connections

As a community based business, we are deeply interconnected to a network of like-spirited businesses and organizations. Here are organizations and inspiring entrepreneurs we partner with and support:

OrgOrg-We are an affiliate partner of this group that supports organization Biz ops professionals. They offer on incredible community of support

Good People Dinners- We love partnering with Raman Frey and his vibrant community of great conversation and connection

Grace Street Catering--Our current home venue and kitchen collaboration partner. If you need a large scale event for your company--we partner with Grace to produce food for events up to 1000.

Executive Chef Events- As a conscious business, we believe that there are more than enough clients to go around. We share resources, personnel, and business strategy sessions with the team at ECE who produce beautiful corporate team building events.

VUDE- We partner with the Velvet Underground Dining Experience’s Jon Staenberg and Chef Sam Lippman to produce their wine tasting dinners in San Francisco.

Soul Shoppe Building cultures of empathy and kindness in our schools is the work of this organization and it’s Founder, Vicki Abadesco. Their work of bringing powerful vulnerability to our children is making a huge difference.

The Shift Network Their mission is to help humanity evolve and create a sustainable, healthy, peaceful and prosperous world. They are doing the big work of building peace.

Coaches and Transformational Wizards we love:

Peter Rubin--Business Midwife- One part business coach, one part inuitive healer, one part mens group leader, and one part diversity and inclusion facilitator---Peter provides world class business support to creative entrepreneurs

Stephen Flynn Photography- Stephen’s photos are amazing. They capture the essence of humans and the essence of the events as well.

Sirena Andrea of The Yoniverse Monologues- Sirena’s storytelling wisdom and business coaching acumen has left a beautifully indelible mark on the shape, texture and tone of Sacred Kitchen

Julie Wolk Coaching--Nature Based Business Coach for Women. Julie holds monthly Networking in Nature events.

Drawing on Headed up by Mark Wagner--an inspiring local community organization that once produced the Guiness World record for the Worlds largest chalk drawing.

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