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Use A Soul-Full Supper - March 8th, 2018

Sacred Kitchen is a unique and inspiring take on an organizational team-building event that is one part cooking show, one part cooking class, and one part leadership workshop. Imagine Gordon Ramsay and Tony Robbins concocting a tasty experience and you get a flavor for Sacred Kitchen.

Relationships are at the core of business – whether that’s relationships within projects, connecting with investors, or developing leaders. Organizations everywhere are striving to create environments where people from all backgrounds feel respected and valued.

Sacred Kitchen creates this type of environment by inviting guests into a conversation using the universal language of food. Fun and invigorating, Sacred Kitchen is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Your people will leave with a smile on their face, a warmth in their belly and a fresh take on how they show up at work. 

Let’s explore how a Sacred Kitchen event could support your organization:

Sacred Kitchen’s Team Building Secret Sauce:

Why is creating connection so important for teams and leaders:

high profile recent study at Google shows that the single most ingredient on high performing teams is their sense of psychological safety. This type of safety is defined as a widely-held belief that the team is a safe for interpersonal risk taking.

These teams perform higher on every level from revenue generation to retention, from self-reported happiness to supervisor-rated effectiveness.

How Sacred Kitchen creates safety and connection:

Sacred Kitchen provides participants with an ideal format to take risks in a safe and welcoming environment. Taking risks requires stepping outside of our comfort zones and producing a meal in a limited time frame provides just the right amount of compression for an impactful and fun experience. 

Humans are also neurologically wired to let their guard down when they eat together. When we combine our natural instinct to with a safe space to take risks, and the pure enjoyment of great food – remarkable things happen.

The kitchen: a perfect learning laboratory for leadership.
Your CEO may not be as comfortable in the kitchen as her administrative assistant. People have the opportunity to let themselves shine---or to let others take the lead in a new way. When we add the wrinkle of time constraints and a deadline (sound familiar?), people’s natural personality types and leadership tendencies in a group emerge. 

Your cooking experience becomes a prompt for conversation about how do we show up at work and in our teams. We share the key ingredients for powerful leadership through excellent communication and people leave with a deeper level of understanding of themselves and others--all while having fun and a great meal.

Call us and see how we can bring our unique brand of deliciousness to you.

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